Kac  Young

Kac Young

Kac Young, PhD, was Vice President of Television Production & Development at Universal Studios Hollywood and ran her own production company for 25 years, serving clients like Procter & Gamble, Rubbermaid and Corning. She co-founded The Showtime Comedy Club Network and worked with Kelsey Grammar, Rosie O Donnell, Tim Allen and Ellen DeGeneres. Noticing the effects of stress, Kac earned PhDs in Natural Health, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Naturopathy. She studied health, healing, bio feedback, past life regressions, Bach flowers, and Chinese medicine with respected healers and teachers in various parts of the world. Kac consults with people who want to change their lifestyle, prolong their lives, and use as many natural products as possible in the process. Using Clinical Hypnotherapy, she helps people with weight loss, smoking cessation, addiction therapy, and healing physical conditions and chronic issues. The Art of Healing with Crystals is Kac’s 16th book. Visit www.KacYoung.com.