Peter  Strople

Peter Strople

Peter Strople has been called “One of the World’s Great Rainmakers,” “The Most Connected Man in America,” and “One of the Most Connected People in the World.” A student of business and life, Mr. Strople calls on a “Dream List” of Global Business and Political Leaders to provide instant feedback to validate business concepts and direction. He is a former director with Dell Computer Corp.and Grid Systems Corporation (Inventor of the Modern Clamshell Style Laptop).
In 2008, he created “Friends of Peter” to bring business and community leaders together to effect “Instant Change” as it relates to the critical business and social needs of a community or country. Considered one of the Top Business Strategists dealing with “Instant Change,” Peter has developed unique techniques to address and refocus a company’s strategy in a few hours versus a few months.
Peter is passionate about children’s issues, combating child abuse, supporting foster care, and reforming education.