Patricia  McQueen

Patricia McQueen

Patricia McQueen is an award-winning photographer, journalist and lifelong horse racing fan. She fell in love with the sport as a pre-teen watching Secretariat on television in 1973 and never looked back.
Her first use of a camera was on a pilgrimage to see Secretariat during college, and that launched a photography career that now spans 35 years. She has never wavered in her admiration of the big red horse and followed his offspring at the racetrack whenever she could. In 1992-94, she traveled around the country photographing members of his last crop – at racetracks, training centers and farms.
A few years ago she decided to launch a research project on Secretariat as a sire. Even though Secretariat made his mark as a broodmare sire, his general sire record is often criticized.
The ultimate goal of the research is a book, but in the meantime, the stories are currently running on Aside from horse racing, Patricia is a gaming industry journalist.