Corbin  Shell

Corbin Shell

Corbin Shell has spent the last two and a half decades shooting long range, highpower prone, and Palma disciplines. Corbin has shot or coached on nationally competitive teams including, but not limited to, North State Shooting Club (NSSC) and currently Oak Ridge Sportsman’s Association (ORSA). He has competed at the National Highpower and Long Range Championships at Camp Perry sense 1997. ELR shooting has been a passion for Corbin sense the late 1990’s and he is focusing more of his attention towards this rapidly growing shooting discipline.

For over a decade Corbin has been involved in the shooting sports industry as a National Sales Manager for several firearms manufactures. Currently, Corbin is the National Sales Manager for Sightron Sport Optics, a manufacture of high end sporting optics including rifle scopes, binoculars and spotting scopes.

Additionally, Corbin enjoys free range hunting for coyotes and feral hogs using finely crafted handmade firearms.