Naehalani  Breeland

Naehalani Breeland

Naehalani Breeland is Director of Marketing at Hawaii Cider Company, Hawaii's first locally sourced and locally produced cider company. Hawaii Cider Company produces great tasting ciders, which provide local alternatives to imported ciders, while supporting local farmers growing responsibly grown tropical fruits. Naehalani also is head of Marketing at Hawaiian Ola and Ola Brew Company. Hawaiian Ola is passionate about making products from responsibly grown Hawaiian ingredients. The Noni is grown in the Puna region of Hawaii, the sea salt is harvested from the coast of Molokai, and the ginger is grown on Kauai, and the honey is made by hardworking Big Island bees. Each of the ingredients is certified organic and GMO-Free. Purchasing Ola beverages supports the health of Hawaii's farmlands for future generations.