Jane Hartman  Adame

Jane Hartman Adame

Jane Hartman Adame is the CEO of Keela and created Keela menstrual cups. Jane is a former hairdresser who is living with the challenges of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder characterized by joint instability. EDS makes it difficult for Jane to do lots of things, including using a menstrual cup. She set out to make something better for people like her (and everyone else, too). The recent success of Keela's Kickstarter campaign shows just how much the cup market needs this innovation. With 1,077 supporters raising $55,808 USD in just six weeks, it’s clear that the world agrees with the needed redesign and is ready to embrace this new, easier menstrual care option. Keela has also caught the eye of many press outlets as “inclusivity” poses to be an important word for 2018. Keela has been featured in Bustle, Teen Vogue and Femestella.