Andy  Wilson

Andy Wilson

Andy Wilson has been a leader in international economic development, innovation, and China-U.S. trade for more than 25 years. Working in the corporate sector, he has led the growth of a series of technology and consumer products companies across Europe, North America, and Asia – and particularly in China. Wilson is the Chair of the Washington State China Relations Council. Since his first experiences managing Chinese operations in the 1980’s, he has been at the forefront of cross-border investment and commerce between the U.S. and China. Wilson recently concluded leading global innovation partnerships at Intellectual Ventures, where he led the creation of partnerships to address global challenges and successfully built engagements in China, Denmark and Turkey. Prior to that, Wilson was with the U.S. Department of State, where he was a Foreign Service Officer in economic and political affairs. Previously, he spent more than 25 years at Eastman Kodak in senior leadership positions.