Raj  Subramanyam

Raj Subramanyam

Rajagopalan (Raj) Subramanyam, Senior Director, SAP America, is a technology strategy executive, with deep experience in Supply Chain, Finance and Technology lines of businesses. Raj has worked extensively in the pharmaceutical industry and is now in a customer advisory role at SAP. Raj has a passion understanding business models, competitive advantages and re-imagining business models driven by technology. He also takes keen interest in people, behavioral irrationalities and group mindsets. Raj has played a lot of cricket and led teams to championships. Consistently drawing on his experience with a team sport, Raj writes about leadership and takes an interest in grooming leaders. He writes about the work of the future, and the future of work. Raj has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and an MBA from Columbia Business School, NY. Raj is also a blogger, panelist and a published author.