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2/4/2019 ep-70-eu-countries-are-clamping-down-on-us-big-tech

Ep. 70: EU Countries Are Clamping Down on U.S. Big Tech

Task Force 7 Cyber Security Radio
Cyber Security Legal Expert and CNN Commentator Dr. Adriana Sanford joins Episode 70 of Task Force 7 Radio to discuss how EU countries are passing and aggressively enforcing regulatory laws that are affecting the way U.S. Big Tech companies are doing business there. Listen Now

10/22/2018 ep-53-the-nexus-between-cyber-crime-and-emerging-global-threats

Ep. 53: The Nexus Between Cyber Crime and Emerging Global Threats

Task Force 7 Cyber Security Radio
Cyber Security Legal Expert Adriana Sanford joins Task Force 7 Radio to discuss the nexus that Cyber Security has with the disturbing trend of terror attacks that have occurred over the last decade that have sent governments all over the world scrambling to protect their national interests. Listen Now

3/19/2018 is-blockchain-technology-going-to-change-the-world

Is Blockchain Technology Going to Change the World?

Task Force 7 Cyber Security Radio
Listen to Adriana Sanford, Cyber Security Legal Expert, give her opinions on why countries are reacting to Blockchain Technology differently, how crypto currencies like Bitcoin are using Blockchain to record digital transactions, and how Blockchain technology is transforming business around the globe. Listen Now

2/19/2018 us-intelligence-officials-the-united-states-is-under-attack

U.S. Intelligence Officials: The United States is Under Attack

Task Force 7 Cyber Security Radio
Host George Rettas provides commentary on the recent Intelligence Committee Hearings where the Chiefs of America's Intelligence Agencies warn Senators that Cyber Security is a threat to the National Security of the United States and that the United States is under constant attack from other nation states. Listen Now