Dr. Carly  Snyder, M.D.

Dr. Carly Snyder, M.D.

Dr. Snyder is one of the few medical physicians in New York City specializing in reproductive psychiatry. Her combination of traditional psychiatric treatment with integrative medicine-based treatments makes her approach unique. Dr. Snyder is an attending physician on staff in the Department of Psychiatry at Beth Israel Medical Center. She also holds a teaching appointment at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and is an assistant attending with a teaching appointment at Weill-Cornell in the Payne Whitney Women’s Program. She speaks to various audiences, such as ‘The Pregnant New Yorker,’ and at professional conferences and meetings. Dr. Snyder is also a member of the Women’s Mental Health Consortium and the Director of Women’s Health for Family Health Associates. Her weekly radio show, MD for Moms, is on Wednesdays at 1pm ET on the BBM Global Network and TuneIn radio, or anytime on BBMglobalnetwork.com/MD-for-moms. Dr. Snyder’s HuffPost parenting blog shares the MD for Moms moniker.