Jacqui  Craig

Jacqui Craig

Jacqui Craig struggled with weight, eating choices & fitness regimes since her late teens. Her journey to health led her to join an online health supplement business, InnerOrigin which promotes truth & transparency on labelling.
Joining this company & learning the background & the structure of the business in the health industry made her examine more deeply what her purpose was. Her interest in nutrition led her to The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, holistic wellness and health coaching.
She believes in a Holistic approach and that it takes more than just the food that we eat for wellness to occur. Jacqui believes that true wellness comes from being well in all of the areas of our lives - relationships, work, spirituality, exercise, food & more. When a person has worked on all these area’s and is truly content in all areas of their life they experience true wellness but also a truly congruent / authentic life.