Tonia  Harbour

Tonia Harbour

A C.diff survivor. My journey with C.diff began in 2015 after being prescribed unnecessary antibiotics. After spending 60 days in the hospital, reaching 97lbs, it left me weak, malnourished and with a new severe awareness of germs. Fighting C.diff. for 10 months was horrible, but the mental and emotional toll was a bit harder to beat. I'm happy to say, that today - 2018 - I am back to a normal life. No germophobia or OCD. My husband and I do not want to see anyone else go through this. We are grateful for the opportunity to help promote awareness and educate people about this infection with the mission of the C Diff Foundation and support of the C.diff. Survivor organization. My thoughts are, I went through all of this, physically, mentally and emotionally, with the hope that you wont have to. To all past, present and future C.diff.survivors, we ARE stronger together.