John  McQuay

John McQuay

John McQuay has been shooting rifles since age 10. On his 18th birthday he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and earned a place in a Scout Sniper Platoon. There LCpl. McQuay graduated from the 2D Mar Div. Scout Sniper School. After the Scout Sniper Basic Course, he was trained in Reconnaissance & Surveillance as well as High Angle Shooting. In 2000, Sgt. McQuay left the Marine Corps to start a family.

He was hired by the Evansville, IN Police Department and earned a position as a SWAT Sniper. In 2008 he started, in order to provide information to Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian Precision Rifle Shooters. The website evolved into a YouTube Channel with videos covering in-depth reviews and tutorials. John is still employed by the Evansville, IN Police Department as a Patrol Sergeant and competes in various precision rifle matches around the country in his off-time.