Patrick  Sweet, PhD

Patrick Sweet, PhD

CCL lead on Leadership Alliance strategy, implementation, program portfolio design and faculty delivery, in partnership with the GCSP Alliance Co-director and GCSP teams.
Effective at engaging people to collaborate and make a difference where they(we) can, at work and in our communities. He sees the solving of 'wicked problems' as the driving force of humanity's evolution. Our future requires that we succeed in reframing and transforming wicked problems into virtuous opportunities. This requires mobilizing vigilant collaboration, collective intelligence, integrity and creativity.
I am skilled at: Individual and organizational development for effectively leading teams and collectives. Mobilizing collective intelligence and value co-creation. Building bridges among diverse peoples and interests. Transforming ideas into action. Linking research and practice. Writing. Helping to weave historical, present and future events and trends into actionable vision, to co-create shared value.