Emma-Jane  Packe

Emma-Jane Packe

Emma-Jane Packe is Managing Director at The Supper Club, whose purpose is to inspire an entrepreneurial mindset in all leaders, because they believe where entrepreneurship thrives so too does innovation, employment, and wealth creation. The Supper Club is a membership club exclusively for fast-growth entrepreneurs and since 2003 has enabled thousands of founders and CEOs to realise their growth ambitions. Emma-Jane is passionate about enterprise and after consulting on a start up at post product stage was inspired to get more involved with entrepreneurial businesses. She now supports fast growth business owners and their teams and enjoys meeting some of the country’s most inspiring minds on a daily basis. Emma-Jane is also an authority in developing suc-cessful teams. Her insight comes from working with and talking to hundreds of entrepreneurs and business leaders about their experiences as well as growing her own teams across Europe.