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7/29/2020 intuition-for-peak-performance-jason-gregory

Intuition for Peak Performance: Jason Gregory

11:11 Talk Radio
An optimal experience and life is not something that just happens to you through an abundance of wishful thinking; it depends on skills you have acquired that allow you to reach peak states of perfor- mance. Listen Now

12/14/2017 breathe-your-way-to-peace-and-freedom

Breathe Your Way to Peace and Freedom

Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit
Vipassana Meditation focuses on the breath to help you achieve freedom. Jason Gregory writes: Vipassana is a flawless method for digging into the unconscious material within our mind to give us a glimpse of our true nature. Listen Now

5/1/2017 jason-gregory-enlighenment-now

Jason Gregory: Enlighenment Now

11:11 Talk Radio
Enlightenment in the East is often misunderstood and misinterpreted. It is completely different from the philosophical movement known as “the Enlightenment” in Europe during the 18th century. Listen Now

3/9/2017 the-truth-about-enlightenment-with-jason-gregory

The Truth About Enlightenment with Jason Gregory

Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit
Enlightenment is not about meditating, achieving or even following what we believe is limited to Eastern philosophy. Enlightenment is letting go of false beliefs, fears and negative thoughts that weigh you down. Listen Now

11/9/2015 jason-gregory-the-science-of-humility

Jason Gregory: The Science of Humility

11:11 Talk Radio
The effortless universal virtue of humility is what evokes enlightenment in life. The big problem with this mystical virtue is generally we only have fleeting moments of its power, as we constantly get sucked back into the subjective dramas of the world in our mind. Listen Now