Maestra  CC (Cuauhtli Cihuatl)

Maestra CC (Cuauhtli Cihuatl)

Maestra CC (Cuauhtli Cihuatl), MSW, PhD, is a curandera, spiritual healer, community advocate, and health promotora in New Mexico for over 35 years. An empath, intuitive and traditional healer, she uses clinical social work methods and evidence-based practices including indigenous ceremonies, platicas (heart-to-heart talks), temezcales (sweat lodges), prayer, meditation, herbal consultations, soul retrievals, PTSD ceremonies, transition/crossover ceremonies, blessings (land and home) and energy work for the immigrant community, incarcerated Native American youth, veterans, young mothers, hospice patients and those in addiction recovery. As an Army Veteran herself, much of her work focuses on susto (PTSD) in returning veterans. Cross-cultural spiritual practices is her expertise. She is initiated into the Mexhika Aztec, Lipan Apache, Lakota and Peruvian traditions as a medicine woman.