Peter  Chronis

Peter Chronis

Peter Chronis has more than 15-years of experience using technology to manage Cyber Security risk for telecommunications, retail, media, entertainment, financial and IT services companies.
He has developed a web of proprietary and commercial security technologies that, together, blocked more than 750 billion security threats and prevented $100+ million in fraud. He has served on the front lines of the cybersecurity battle as the Chief Information Security Officer in several public and Fortune 500 companies.”
Chronis is the author of a recent book on Cyber Security called the Cyber Conundrum, a thought provoking book that explores today’s Cyber Security landscape and concludes that our current capabilities are failing to solve the growing threat technology risks posed to our society and economy. Chronis introduces the need for what he calls a “moonshot” to create momentum needed to address Cyber Security challenges while he explores other moonshots for inspiration.