Wendy  Yellen

Wendy Yellen

Wendy Yellen, named one of the International Top 3 Transformational Experts in her field, supports people of heart and integrity around the world to live a full, passionate, successful, and unshackled life of love, awareness, and compassion, without costing them their soul.
Wendy had a 100% full, 100% referrals, waiting list only private practice in psychotherapy in Houston, Texas. She closed her practice completely because she no longer believed in any of the traditional and non-traditional therapies she was certified in. They simply weren’t enough.
Years later, when she was re-introduced to the father of Eidetic Imagery, Akhter Ahsen, she knew she had found the Holy Grail of transformational work and jumped back into working with people and transformation.
Since then she has introduced thousands of men and women around the world to the evidence-based treatment of Eidetics. Which uses eidetic images to enable business people to unlock their full potential.