Jane  Davis

Jane Davis

Jane Davis, LMSW attended Washington University in St. Louis, Cultural Anthropology Undergraduate and Social Work Graduate School. After working for many years with the incarcerated population, both juvenile and adult, she began getting certified and combining her love of horses and therapy. "i heard about this powerful modality and knew it was my path." I got certified in a number of modalities including studying with my Mentor, Jon Eagle Sr., from Standing Rock Reservation. I found my first therapy horse, Snickers, seven years ago through Dreamhorse.com. Jane is also trained in Gestalt Equine Therapy about the here and now as well as a certified in EAGALA. Jane founded Riders of the Sage-NM in Santa Fe, NM where she lives with her horse Snickers and her dog Baci (kisses in Italian). You can find her page on Facebook as well as http://ridersofthesage-nm.com.