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10/4/2019 special-blockchain-and-crypto-currency-edition

Special Blockchain and Crypto Currency Edition

Finding Your Frequency
Special Blockchain and Crypto Currency Radio Edition. Jeff Spenard and Ryan Treasure talk about the newest exciting tech trend in the world. Talk radio about open, distributed ledgers and the basis of Crypto Currency and how that drives Bitcoins and Alt coin technology. Listen Now

3/10/2017 finding-your-rock-and-roll-frequency

Finding Your Rock and Roll Frequency

Finding Your Frequency
What does it take to become a best selling author, a TV Star for twenty years, founder of a non-profit organization benefiting America’s military personnel, a global fitness luminary, super Mom, overcome life threatening Toxic Mold Poisoning and maintain a 25 plus year marriage to one of Rock and Roll’s loudest legends? Listen Now