Marty L.  Ward

Marty L. Ward

After going from being worth over a million dollars to having $7.41 in her bank account, Marty L Ward, figured out how to Kiss Procrastination Goodbye. For the past 10 years, she has given entrepreneurs the secrets of how to make the money they want and make the difference they want, in less time, with less effort. Working with her, you have your own amazing profit breakthrough with less struggle, more freedom and without sacrificing your personal life.
The TAG 4 Change Program that she originally designed for entrepreneurs to build their belief in themselves so they would never let anyone or situation steal their confidence, Marty teaches to parents and teachers around the world. The Confidence Eliminates Bullying Programs create confident kids who believe in themselves rather than believe the mean words of the bully. One result, they grow up to be resilient entrepreneurs who can overcome adversities and succeed.