Denise  Millett-Burkhardt

Denise Millett-Burkhardt

Denise is the Co-Founder of PJET Media and SHE-TV. Ms.Millett-Burkhardt is an Executive Producer for several Signature Series for PJET Media and has worked in original production for the past several years. She is a TV personality for non-for profit and/or start-up broadcast organizations. Her pet projects include raising awareness for disabled Veterans. Denise oversees iLaunch foundations for grants and donations, and charity relations. She is an executive producer for the Nationally Broadcast TV Series, “Niteclub Ratings!” and has been in production with on-going series such as “Hounds4Humans,” “Sketches,” "Happy Trails" and “The Book that Jesus Read.” Denise dabbles in distribution for several TV series. Her TV presence also includes and is characterized as her “forte,” advertising and promotions. Ms. Millett-Burkhardt currently serves as an executive representative of corporate strategy and business development.