Jocelyn or Ochie Atienza  Alferez

Jocelyn or Ochie Atienza Alferez

Her animation career began as an inbetweener/ asst. animator in 1988 at Fil Cartoons Inc., a subsidiary of Hanna Barbera.
In 1996 she was invited to join 20th Century Fox's animation Studio to work on Anastasia, their very first feature animation film. Ochie considers herself lucky to have worked on other feature films like Prince of Egypt, Spirit : Stallion of the Cimmaron, Titan A. E, Eight Crazy Nights, Fat Albert, Cuious George the Movie and the direct to video Bartok the Magnificent, and Theo.
While still doing freelance animation, she was fortuitously spotted by an interpreting agency owner while scolding his son, and her career took a big turn in 2000. She started doing freelance court interpreting all over Arizona, until she was asked to do immigration interpreting in 2012, by an agency connected with the Department of Justice.
If you think Ochie’s career was pretty exciting already, wait until you hear her revelation as to how everything got really really exciting.