Om  Devi

Om Devi

Om Devi watched her late husband’s mental health decline for decades from clinical depression and with her new book, she aims to help others who are silently struggling. In A Dialogue with Depression, Devi chronicles her observation of her husband’s decades long depression, which led to his suicide. The book is accompanied by landscape and still life photographs, inspirational verses, and conversational transcripts. Devi’s husband was a physician who worked long hours and used it as an escape, which she observes fed his clinical depression, to the point where he physically moved away and the couple only had minimal contact. Devi used Ayurveda, an Eastern medical practice, in order to understand the disease, which also helped her husband during certain points in his mental illness. “Depression can seriously affect anyone and especially, their relationships,” Devi said. “I hope that this book can help others observe their loved ones and recognize the sufferer’s silent cries for help.”