Raphael  Kellman, MD

Raphael Kellman, MD

Raphael Kellman, MD, graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, pioneered a groundbreaking new brand of medicine and healing, seamlessly integrating holistic and functional medicine with his visionary understanding of the world and nature, the root of who we are and its connection to health. Founder of “Microbiome Medicine,” Dr. Kellman is a bestselling author (his most recent books are The Whole Brain and The Microbiome Diet) and frequent lecturer. As medical director of the Kellman Center in New York, Dr. Kellman has treated tens of thousands of patients using his microbiome-centered approach to medicine. The Kellman Center specializes in thyroid disorders, gastro concerns, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, autism, anxiety, Lyme disease, cancer treatments, infertility, weight management, and unexplained malaise.