Kevin  Hersh Int'l Life Coach

Kevin Hersh Int'l Life Coach

Kevin Hersh is an international wellness coach living on the east coast of the USA “It’s not what you can’t do, it’s just you have not yet discovered what you can do.” That is one of a Coach’s mantras. Kevin began his certified health coaching career in 2017. Before that, he was a stressed out, obese, pre-diabetic with high cholesterol and blood pressure. His food choices were based on bad habits and emotions, not intelligent choices. Sound familiar? He soon discovered that as he improved his habits and his awareness to his emotions and habits, he began making better choices, becoming healthier. Choices empowered him to learn more why he wanted health and from that, why he didn’t have health. It has been an honor to earn the title of "Coach Kevin" through helping individuals change their lives and become healthier. A life coach helps you step away from yourself, see your life from a distance. From there, your perspective and clarity is incredibly refreshing.