Ricky  Powell

Ricky Powell

Ricky Powell grew up as a successful child actor in the 1970’s and early 80’s, working with many of Hollywood’s biggest legends.
After graduating from college, Ricky moved behind the camera and spent 5 years working in Post Production on The Golden Girls before arriving at NBC where he spent the next 25 years putting every comedy, drama, and reality show on the air.
After leaving the network in 2015, Ricky became an author, speaker, corporate trainer and executive coach. He works with individuals who want to experience happiness and success on a daily basis, and with companies who want to improve their bottom line with employees who feel supported, engaged, productive and are thrilled to be on the job.
Ricky also supports schools by speaking to students on the topic of Kindness, and supports organizations, associations and nonprofits by partnering on fund raisers and splitting all seminar proceeds plus donating an additional 10% for any new business generated.