Jeff  Hoffman

Jeff Hoffman

Jeff Hoffman is a successful entrepreneur, proven CEO, worldwide motivational speaker, published author, Hollywood film producer, a producer of a Grammy-winning jazz album, and executive producer of an Emmy Award winning TV show. Jeff has been a founder of and more. Jeff serves on the boards of companies supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses in more than 150 countries. He supports th State Department, the United Nations, and foreign governments on economic growth initiatives and entrepreneurship. Jeff is a frequent keynote speaker, having been invited to speak in over 50 countries. He is the co-author of the book SCALE, a how-to guide for growing your business. Jeff also teaches innovation workshops to major corporations on a regular basis. Jeff is a featured business expert seen on Fox, CNN, Bloomberg News, CNBC, ABC, and NPR, the Wall Street Journal and more. Jeff has produced musical and charity events with Elton, Britney, NSYNC, and others.