Bill  Clark PhD

Bill Clark PhD

Bill Clark, PhD, retired chairman of Interpol’s Wildlife Crimes Group, and current International Wildlife Program Specialist, Animal Welfare Institute. Bill led the1989 CITES proposal listing African elephants on Appendix I, participating in each CoP since 1979, and current Standing Committee. He has spent 30 years engaged in wildlife law enforcement at national and international levels, including coordinating the donation of equipment, aircraft and vehicles and training programs to aid in wildlife enforcement activities. Bill engages in hands-on conservation of CITES-listed species via reintroductions, placement of seized animals in sanctuaries, and establishing anti-poaching patrols. He was instrumental in the implementation of Interpol’s Baba and Costa operations targeting illegally ivory markets resulting arrests of hundreds of ivory dealers and seizure of tons of raw and carved ivory, weapons and ammunition. He has authored two books and nearly 100 articles on wildlife topics.