Laura  Davis

Laura Davis

Laura Davis is the author of six bestselling books, including The Courage to HeaI and I Thought We’d Never Speak Again. Her groundbreaking books have sold 1.8 million copies worldwide. She leads weekly writing classes in Santa Cruz & inspirational writing retreats nationally & internationally, specializing in writing as a tool for healing & transformation. Each fall, Laura offers a special retreat: Writing as a Pathway Through Grief, Loss, Uncertainty, & Change, designed for those dealing with loss: death, retirement, illness, aging, a shift in status or relationship, or simply a time of change & uncertainty. This creative, healing workshop—held at the incomparable Commonweal Retreat Center in Bolinas, California at the height of Indian summer—provides a healing oasis, a way to harness the power of words and story into a healing, transformative force. Writing in community & being deeply witnessed is a powerful tool for change. No writing experience required.