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8/14/2010 lori-baker-the-barter-group

Lori Baker | The Barter Group

Michelle Corr 6°
Many Arizona businesses are turning to barter organizations to offset costs by trading products and services with a network of other companies. Listen Now

5/28/2010 the-life-and-career-of-actor-kevin-sorbo

The Life and Career of Actor Kevin Sorbo

In Discussion
Actor Kevin Sorbo appears with David Gibbons on “In Discussion” International Radio on May 28 at 3.00pm Pacific charting an amazing life in film and television. The Life and Career of Actor Kevin Sorbo Listen Now

5/12/2018 heroes-and-villains

Heroes and Villains

EZ Talk Live
Guests Actor/ Producer, Kevin Sorbo ("Hercules") and Actor, Mel Novak talk about their film and tv careers; one as a legendary hero, and the other a well-known villain. Other special guests include Sam Sorbo ("The Sam Sorbo Show"), who is the wife of Kevin Sorbo and also played Selena in "Hercules". Listen Now