Joe  Renz

Joe Renz

Joe Renz is an Electronics Engineer from Stuttgart, Germany (Home of Mercedes, Bosch, Porsche, etc.), and now resides in Chicago. After a 20-year corporate IT career at CA Technologies he co-founded New Mobility Lab in June 2016. Simply put, cars and IT are in his blood. Joe understands the car as an important building block in the future of multi-modal mobility. However, much of disruptive innovation happens in the form of solutions around the car and in the broader mobility ecosystem - the System of Systems, where Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) such as IOTA play an instrumental role. Joe goes far beyond the car itself and takes a holistic view of the emerging smart mobility and transportation space aka New Mobility World which encompasses Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, E-Mobility, Urban Solutions, Mobility Services. As an advisor to the IOTA Foundation, Joe advocates the opportunities DLT presents to data, mobility solutions but also to human kind in general.