Dr. Autumn  Krauss

Dr. Autumn Krauss

Dr. Autumn Krauss is a Principal Scientist in the Human Capital Management Research Team at SAP SuccessFactors. Her role is focused on conducting and applying research on the psychology of work to inform the solutions that SAP SuccessFactors develops and delivers to its clients, as well as providing consultative guidance to companies so they can best leverage human capital management practices to foster a strong positive company culture and improve employee well-being and performance. Dr. Krauss has over 15 years of experience consulting to senior leaders around the globe, as well as speaking, writing, and conducting applied research on topics across the spectrum of human capital management. One of her current research programs is focused on the external workforce and how best to source, manage, and engage external workers as part of an effective total workforce management strategy. Autumn holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Colorado State University.