Tiz  Gambacorta

Tiz Gambacorta

Tiz Gambacorta has been called “One of the brightest email marketing minds of our century” by his seminar attendees and students.
In addition to being a coach, Tiz is a digital entrepreneur with businesses in the software, financial and publishing space and lectures on inbound marketing at LUISS university in Rome, Italy.
He got into the online marketing industry in 2011. Starting an online journey meant going from a $300,000 yearly income to no income almost overnight.
One month into his email marketing venture in January 2011 he made $20. Two months later in March 2011, he made $5,000. In January 2012 one year later, he made $50,000 that month.
Since then he started about 10 online businesses from scratch and purchased 3 others. He has never had an investor or taken a business loan to this day.