Steve  Acho

Steve Acho

Steve Acho is a Technology Staffing Executive, Bilingual Business Consultant, Blogger and Published Author, and independent musician with over 10 million downloads and streams of music. He is an expert on technology staffing and is an in-demand consultant for companies looking to start or increase their presence in Japan. His books, ‘Why Technology Recruiting is Broken and What to Do About It’ and ‘The Least You Need to Know About Doing Business with the Japanese’ reflect his subject matter expertise. Steve manages a technology staffing company (, and a technology staffing product ( Clients include mid-sized organizations and those as big as Apple and GM. He evangelizes the use of technology to be more human, and help "change the conversation" in the market so that both organizations and job seekers can find better fits. Steve has been quoted in Huffington Post and other major media, including international webinars, podcasts and radio shows.