Gena  Lock

Gena Lock

Gena Lock grew up in the Okanagan with a healthy love of activity and being outside her entire life. She ran cross country and track in school, as well as participated in multiple sports. She loves working with children and teens. She started practicing Kung Fu and kickboxing at the age of 23 and has achieved her level ten in Wing Chun while working as a professional instructor. Gena has been active in the health and wellness community for many years and more recently received her Human Kinetics diploma (HKin) and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) accreditation. In August of 2018, while working at Okanagan College and as a personal trainer, Gena was involved in a life-threatening motorcycle accident resulting in a laundry list of fractures and joint injuries, a two-month hospital stay, multiple major surgeries and an ongoing long road to recovery. She has been working with Ezreena since November to address the trauma, both physical and emotional, that she has experienced.