Emily  McIntyre

Emily McIntyre

Emily McIntyre is Founder and General Manager of Crema.co in Portland Oregon, the coffee marketplace that connects coffee drinkers with farmers and roasters. Emily also is Co-Founder of Catalyst Coffee Consulting, providing solutions for the coffee value chain, particularly Ethiopia. Additionally, Emily is a coffee journalist and photographer.
Emily McIntyre has consulted, written and lectured on branding, messaging and marketing for venues like the Speciality Coffee Association, COSTCO Connections and Alliance for Coffee Excellence as well as producing hundreds of coffee-centric articles, guides, websites, videos, and essays for many trade and consumer publications. Her coffee experience spans from cafe management to operations, consulting, event management and brand development.
From Montana, Emily grew up in Missouri and spent time in Colorado and Los Angeles before relocating to Portland OR. She has also lived in Ethiopia, writes fantasy stories and is a martial artist.