Damien  Alvarez

Damien Alvarez

Damien began dancing Flamenco at the tender age of 7 inspired by Carlos Saura’s film, “Carmen”. Damien started his training with La Monica at the Mission Cultural Center. Afterwards he moved on to study with San Francisco flamenco legend Rosa Montoya under whose tutelage he stayed for many years. Later he would travel and live in Spain to study under Paco Romero, Manuel Reyes, Pol Voquero, and Alfonso Losa. After studying with Melissa Cruz, Yaelisa, and Fanny Ara in the Bay Area he began to find and develop his own unique style of flamenco dancing. Power and precision mixed with a little home grown attitude has given rise to a different, fresh, and funky style which is still muy flamenco. Currently, Damien performs flamenco and flamenco burlesque in and around the greater Bay Area. He also teaches Saturday mornings and runs a monthly show every third Thursday in Sausalito. For more info, please visit http://www.damienalvarezflamenco.com/