Beth Misner and Ivan  Misner

Beth Misner and Ivan Misner

Beth Misner & Ivan Misner, co-authors of Healing Begins in the Kitchen: Get Well & Stay There. They co-founded BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization & two charitable foundations. Beth&Ivan are committed to business as a force for good. Both are masters of positive possibility - a viewpoint that served them in creating success in business, personal, &humanitarian efforts. Of course, life includes challenges. Both had cancer, each chose to address it without standard medical treatments. When Ivan was given the cancer diagnosis, he left the doctor’s office&created a list: “the potential positive outcomes of a cancer diagnosis.” Having an affinity for natural healing, Beth researched the body’s natural ability to heal when supported by specific nutritional & spiritual practices. The result: a new way of living & complete remission of the cancer. Join Cheryl Esposito with Beth Misner&Ivan Misner on Leading Conversations radio to learn how Healing Begins in the Kitchen!