Chris  Kernaghan

Chris Kernaghan

Chris Kernaghan is the Global Head of Database and Technology working in the Bluefin SAP Practice at Mindtree. He has many loves in his life, his family, his job, community and technology and is usually heard before he is seen. Over the years, Chris has enjoyed working on large transformation projects for clients all over the world – working for Capgemini, SAP and now in Bluefin. He is an SAP Mentor who represents, advocates for the community and influences SAP on various topics. Previously he blogged for several publications, for example Tech Target, and hosted a weekly Webcast – Tech For Good, with Tom Raftery. Chris is no stranger to presenting; he presents at SAP events globally throughout the year. He describes himself as a Digital Magpie, chasing the new shiny thing in the technology space – this has kept him on the forefront of SAP technology and helps connect with some very interesting people.