Jacqueline  Abbott-Deane

Jacqueline Abbott-Deane

Jacqueline Abbott-Deane specializes in projects where technology and/or systems and people change converge. She describes herself as a “below the radar” change agent who is a globally experienced practitioner.
She has held senior roles at Lloyds Bank and McKinsey & Co. Her passion is working with clients resulted in the founding of Tactix.
One of her current projects involves the Centre for the Digital Economy, University of Surrey, and converged satellite and 5G possibilities, which she describes as “mind-blowing” especially for people.
She is a committed advocate for women’s equality and represented Zonta, the NGO she volunteers for, at the UN last year.
A mentor once told her “you don’t always have to smash the door down to be heard, sometimes you can creep in through the back window”.