Masha  Krol

Masha Krol

Masha Krol likes to think of herself as “glue”. Glue that helps extremely different personalities gel. Glue that bridges the gap between technology and empathy. Glue that pulls together people’s values, beliefs, and actions. She is a generalist, spanning technical, design, and communication strengths – in this way, Masha is also the glue that brings and holds together cross-functional teams (this is how glue scales). She previously led design crews at IBM and Kinaxis, and co-founded Postcard to help people travel more and better. She is currently particularly fascinated by the interaction between human and artificial intelligence, and is happily exploring it at Element AI. Masha believes in leadership through influence, not authority; flat orgs; and making things people love. She aims to make a difference in the world through technology-enabled kindness.