Debbie  Bloyd

Debbie Bloyd

Debbie Bloyd has been helping clients over the last 23 years with their mortgages, investments and insurance needs. Debbie is CEO of DLB Mortgage Services and helps create wealth and peace of mind for her clients across the county. As a radio host on her own show – Money Strategies with Debbie – she hands out advice to her listeners on how to live within their means – how to make money stretch and shows them the risks in their plans. She makes complicated financial news easy to understand. Debbie is focused on her client’s finances and speaks frequently with University students in business classes about money and finances for themselves and their small businesses. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Debbie currently resides in Dallas but continues to travel all over Texas for her clients. She has a daughter at Texas Christian University and her son attends Ole Miss.