Jonathan  Robinson

Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson is a psychotherapist, best-selling author of 12 books and a professional speaker. He has made numerous appearances on the Oprah show and many other national TV talk shows. Articles about him have appeared in USA Today, Newsweek and The Los Angeles Times. For the past 30 years Mr. Robinson has spoken to dozens of Fortune 500 companies, including Google, Microsoft, Dell Computer, Coca-Cola, and Fed-Ex. He has written several bestseller books including, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Awakening Your Spirituality; The Experience of God; The Little Book of Big Questions; Communication Miracles for Couples; and More Love: Less Conflict. Jonathan co-hosts the podcast, Awareness Explorers, with author Brian Tom O’Connor. Through TV, live lectures and radio, Mr. Robinson has reached over 100 million people around the world. He is known for providing his audiences with immediately useful information presented in a fun and entertaining manner.