Dr. Gretchen  Kubacky

Dr. Gretchen Kubacky

Dr. Gretchen Kubacky, “The PCOS Psychologist,” is a health psychologist in Los Angeles, California. She is a Certified PCOS Educator, the founder of PCOS Wellness, and a member of the PCOS Challenge Health Advisory Board. Dr. Gretchen’s book, The PCOS Mood Cure: Your Guide to Ending the Emotional Roller Coaster, will be released in late summer 2018.
Dr. Gretchen provides coaching and consultation internationally for both patients and professionals. She works with young people with PCOS, and other chronic and “invisible” illnesses. She offers insight, advice, education, and practical approaches on how to deal with the depression, mood swings, irritability, anxiety, sleep and eating issues, frustration, and lack of motivation that plague so many people with medical issues.
Her goal is to dramatically improve the life, health, and relationships of every patient. She promotes patient empowerment so that people can live their happiest and healthiest lives.