Trey  Roski

Trey Roski

As founder and majority-owner of BattleBots Inc., Edward "Trey" Roski III has launched robotic combat into new era of international recognition. In 1995 he founded Impact Media Group. Their web design firm quickly won contracts with Kodak, Sun Microsystems, United Way, and Linear Technologies. In late 1999, BattleBots was born. As a child, he enjoyed "juicing up" R/C toys, tinkering with dirt bikes, and building dune buggies. Now that BattleBots is a runaway hit, Trey says that the show is a tribute to the millions of fans who share those same interests. The rapidly increasing fan base and media coverage indicate that BattleBots has a huge demographic appeal, ranging from the high-tech engineering community, silicon valley programmers, Hollywood special effects designers, and even to closet techies. All in all, Trey is a dynamic force with a creative vision. He is the dealmaker who is catapulting the sport of robotic combat to new heights.