Timothy  Horn

Timothy Horn

Timothy Horn has an impish sense of humor that once had him running a radish against two human candidates for the Prince William County Board of Supervisors in Virginia. Borazon the Radish did get eight write-in votes, much to the astonishment of the County Election Board.
Tim has applied his slightly skewed point of view in many of his exploits in life. He lives by Victor Borg’s maxim that the shortest distance between two people is a good laugh. With degrees in English and theatre, he combines his love of language with the creative arts to make positive changes in children’s lives. While always a good student in terms of grades, it was not until later in his life Tim began to discover the power of the human mind. Using hypnosis to overcome panic attacks, he began to explore the full range of the conscious and subconscious mind and discovered way to tear away the barriers in people’s lives. Now an internationally recognized hypnotist and speaker,