Vicki  Azlin Executive Assistant

Vicki Azlin Executive Assistant

She's from an Air Force family, as her father, Lt. Col. Howard Harpster retired in 1963.She finished high school in Memphis & went on to graduate w/honors from the University of Tennessee – Knoxville. No easy feat, as a single mother of 2, at the time! Initially, she worked for Alpha Omega in the mid-90s as a part-time case manager, while working full time at the public library social services referral dept., but left to deal with growing children & aging parents. Once completed, she returned to Memphis & Alpha Omega. Vicki wears many hats in her daily duties; which includes everything from processing donations & distributing clothing for incoming Veterans to public speaking& managing social media to grant writing and volunteer coordination – and everything in-between. With strong faith in God, she knows it was by His grace that brought her back to the Alpha Omega family to serve those who fought to protect our precious freedoms.