Alexandra  Witte

Alexandra Witte

Alexandra Witte is an expert in virtual selling and evangelist for social video. Sales and presales who go through her training increase speed and scale of sales cycles, as well as customer engagement. She worked with SAP Industries Marketing to digitize their event strategy, doubling the engagement on social media and SAP becoming the number one share of voice at events like NRF. Alexandra started her career selling cloud HR software to SMBs in Switzerland from the SAP Berlin office. To speed up her sales cycles and create engaging customer experiences, she leveraged different virtual communication means, such as virtual whiteboarding, video overlay and video communication. She is leading the SAP Global Virtual Customer Experience Community and collaborates across regions and line of business groups to drive the adoption of virtual selling. She is on the lookout for tools to create multimedia content easily and published a vlog series with her best tips and tricks on LinkedIn.